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We offer you a variety of Corporate Insurance products that suit every stage of your business, with unique benefits tailor-made to match your business needs as you grow.

Fidelity Guarantee

The fidelity guarantee insurance policy is designed to offer protection to an organization against the financial consequences of dishonest act by the employees

Goods in transit

The object of this class of insurance is to indemnify for loss or damage to goods whilst in transit. In other words, if anything happens to the goods while in transit, the insurers will pay for such loss or damage.

Professional Indemnity

This class of insurance protects a professional firm or individual against legal liability towards third parties for injury, loss or damage arising from a professional negligence or that of their employees.


This policy cover vehicles used by the policyholder for his social, domestic, pleasure and business purposes only and the indemnity provided is as stated above depending on the type of motor vehicle policy taken.

Money Insurance

The policy covers loss/damage of money resulting from fortuitous events (which are usually described in the policy Schedule and includes money whilst in transit, on business premises …

Computer Insurance

This insurance is designed to protect individuals and corporations operating in high risks areas in the country. It is an indemnity policy as it reimburses expenses already incurred by the Insured …

Marine Insurance

Apart from the compulsory nature of marine cargo insurance on goods being imported into the country, the policy is designed along the following lines to cover loss or damage to goods …

The consequential loss insurance is designed to reimburse an organization for loss of revenue following the occurrence of a contingent risk insured against by the fire policy …


The object of a fire insurance policy is to provide indemnity for loss or damage sustained by an organization on assets arising from fire. An organization’s assets e.g. Buildings …

Public Liability

An organization may be held liable for injury to others or damage to their property as a result of negligence or other torts. Such liability, if proved, may result in heavy financial burden …


This policy is designed to pay the outstanding debt in the event that the borrower dies, is permanently disabled or loses his job.

Burglary and House Breaking

The burglary insurance policy is designed to provide cover for loss or damage sustained through burglary or theft which involves forcible and violent entry or exit.

Personal Accident

This class of insurance is designed to provide a 24 hours cover for accidental bodily injury/death arising from violent, physical means, which shall be independent of any other cause …

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