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8 Fun Ways to Engage Your Child This Summer!

As a parent or guardian, it is incumbent upon you to plan your wards’ summer so they are adequately engaged all through the holidays. After all, children should never stop learning. Here, we have compiled a list of 8 ways to make the summer fun and educative for your child/ward:

1. Cooking and Baking. If your children are old enough to handle kitchen related activities, it’s time to teach them how to cook and bake. Pick a day you’d be home and take them through the basics of cooking their favourite meal. Involve them in the entire process and stand back, watch them replicate what you have done. By the end of the holidays, their culinary competence would have become better.

2. Create a treasure hunt. Design a simple treasure map and hand it to them. Hide some things of interest around the house and give them a time frame to search for those ‘treasures’. The more they are able to find within the time frame, the more interesting the hunt will be. This game improves familial bonding and aids the children sense of Geography.

3. Learn to play a musical instrument. The summer is a good time for you to enroll your children at a music school. Let them learn any instrument of their choice and encourage them by asking them to play to you, say, once a week. Maestros are made not born; you never know if your family would be gifting the world the next Kenny G or King Sunny Ade!

4. Teach them jewelry making. Bead shops are springing up all over the place; find a well-stocked one, buy different bead shapes and sizes and the necessary tools needed. Then, sit your children down and teach them how to make simple necklace. You could even encourage them to make one or two for their favourite teachers and present to him/her at resumption.

5. Improve their drawing/Painting. Come to think of it, we all tried our hands at drawing/painting at some point in our formative years. Remember those primary school attempts at creating your favourite superhero? Fido Dido, anyone? Your children could excel where you failed. Encourage them by enrolling them at an Arts School or get an artist to come home and teach them the basics of the craft. The next Laolu Senbanjo might be that cutie running all over the place today.

6. Go swimming. Swimming is something we should all do. Apart from the aerobic nature of it, it is also a survival skill necessary in life. Why not use this summer to teach your children to swim? Find a hotel near you with a good swimming instructor and pool and get your children in the water. Surely, they’d thank you for this, someday.

7. Learn a new language. Dieu merci, il est le vendredi est un dicton commun. Que faire si votre quartier dit en français pour vous un vendredi? Oops ! You don’t speak French! Here is one good reason you should let your child speak more than one language – English and maybe your local dialect. French is cool; Italian is awesome. Find a Language School around and let your children widen their language this summer.

8. Sports. Thinking of a reason to enroll your children at a summer sports camp? Here’s one: Cristiano Ronaldo is worth $95m, the bulk he makes from wages and endorsements; the purse for the Mayweather/Pacquiao showdown last year was $300m with the American taking 60% of the sum. Need we say more?

However, no matter how long the holidays are, it will end someday. Let’s get you ready for the tuition every time it’s due with our FlexiEdu and Family Income Protection Plan policies. Talk to us today and we will ensure you never have to worry about school fees anymore.

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Family Income Protection Plan: You never know…

He had no inkling what the day held in store for him. Had he known, perhaps, he would have postponed the trip to a later date. But life sounds no warning bells; it just happens.

While saying his goodbyes to his wife and son, he had promised them he’d be back in the evening. But he never fulfilled this promise. Eye witnesses recounted how the Lagos-bound Nissan Urvan bus he was travelling in from Akure ran into a slow moving fuel tanker just before Ibadan. The bus caught fire on collision. Other road users watched helplessly as the inferno consumed all 14 passengers on board.

A couple of days after the accident, his bereaved and out-of-sorts widow got a call from a certain Angela, a Financial Advisor with FBNInsurance. After commiserating with her on the death of her husband, Angela informed her she was the beneficiary to an FBNInsurance Family Income Protection Plan her husband had been running and that she was calling to put her through the claims process. The unexpected good news moved her to tears. Even in death, her husband had shown how much he cared for his family…

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Don’t joke with your child’s future.

“I am sorry my brother, things are really tight now. I no get any change at all. Sorry.”

That was the text message Jerry got from Frank, his friend of many years, in response to his request for a hundred-thousand-naira loan. Frank’s was the sixth of such kind of messages he had received in the past two hours. But Franks’ opened his eyes to the general paucity of funds in the system; for Frank was never broke.

Jerry heaved heavily as he collapsed in his chair. He needed urgent cash to settle his children’s tuition. Since he was relieved of his job exactly a year ago, he had gone from interview to interview to no avail. Last term, he was only able to pay the children’s tuition because of the lump sum pay-out he got from his pension fund administrator. Now after sorting the rent and other domestic needs, he was as broke as a joke.

Now that no one seemed to have any spare change, he’d have to find a less prestigious school for his children even if the thought breaks his heart. With the tears welling up in his eyes, he picked his phone to inform his wife of his decision.

Don’t joke with your children’s education, let’s help you keep them at that choice school, come what may. Buy the FBNInsurance FlexiEdu policy today.

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Credit Life: Don’t Lose it all!

Chief Komolafe was the President of the Friends’ Assembly Cooperative Union (FACU) for two years. In those years, his astute managerial abilities and humane leadership qualities endeared him to all and sundry. His popularity was such that many times, members mooted the possibility of extending his tenure beyond the constitutional two years. Until one loan facility changed everything.

His friend of many years had gone broke in the middle of an important project. Desperate for funds, he ran to Chief Komolafe for help. Chief advised him to join the Cooperative, run the account for a while and then request a loan facility. But his friend did not have the luxury of time. He convinced Chief to use his own account to stand for him. Chief did; got the loan and gave his friend.

Midway into the repayment plan, Chief’s friend was involved in a car crash. He lost both legs and became confined to a wheelchair.

Chief was devastated that his friend’s unexpected incapacitation would render him unable to service the loan, thereby jeopardizing the Society’s financial buoyancy. He remembered how just three years earlier, the Chief-led Executives had refused to hearken to an FBNInsurance Financial Advisor who had tried unsuccessfully to have them take out an FBN Insurance credit life policy. Now he wished he had listened. With the credit life policy in place, the Cooperative would never have had any qualms recouping its loan.

Do you belong to a Cooperative Society? Prevail on your Society to buy an FBN Insurance Credit Life policy today to protect the society from all loan related eventualities.

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Here’s How You Can Save in 2017.

‘This year, I must save!’.

That was the lone entry in Abel’s diary for January 1, 2017. Indeed, it was the same entry for every January 1 for the past four years of his life. Each year, he never made it past March; life always connived with his acquaintances to mess him up.

Last year, he started well. He joined an ‘esusu’ of 12 people and contributed Fifty Thousand Naira every month. Everything went smoothly until it was his turn at the pool in March. Suddenly, Fatai, one of the twelve contributors, lost his great grandmother and needed urgent cash to settle his part of the funeral expenses. Then Angela, another of the twelve, needed to pay her rent urgently and begged Abel to let her skip payment till August, her turn. By the time the rest of the contributions came, Abel had Three Hundred Thousand Naira out of the expected Six Hundred.

Month after month, the excuses grew. By August, he was fed up. The ‘esusu’ collapsed and with it his resolution to save 10% of all his earnings by year end. It’s 2017 and Abel is determined to break the jinx. He must find a safe, convenient way of saving this New Year.

Are you like Abel? For the surest way to save and even earn interest on your savings, choose the FBNInsurance EasySave, a savings plan with a 5% interest and a life cover. Talk to us today.

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Pay Goodness Forward.

When the family head informed Paulinus of the demise of Mazi Okafor, he knew it was time to once again fulfil his moral and familial obligations.

A village boy who rose to become a top executive at a thriving oil servicing firm in Port Harcourt, Paulinus, son of Okpala the palmwine tapper, owed his entire career to four people. After he lost his dad at the age of eight, some elders wanted him to take up his dad’s business. But a group of four, led by the now-late Mazi Okafor, insisted he continued his schooling. This group ensured his tuition and other sundry fees were paid as at due up till the University. In gratitude, as he made money, he ensured they enjoyed the good things of life as they advanced in years.

Last year, he had buried one of them, the one her August Meeting mates nicknamed ‘Classy’. Aunty Classy’s funeral had cost him a sizeable amount. Knowing he still had three others he owed the very best, he sought support. He found it in the FBNInsurance Extended Family Support Plan, a policy that would conveniently take care of the funeral expenses of the remaining three of them when they joined their ancestors.

When Uncle Paul, another of the original four, died in a road accident seven months after Aunty Classy, the claim on the policy came in handy. Now, Mazi Okafor. Surely, the old man deserved a befitting burial.

Bid your aged ones farewell in style; choose FBNInsurance Extended Family Support Plan today.

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