Our Testimonials

Our products and services have aided many individuals and set many businesses on the path to profitability. Here are some of the comments our clients have been saying about us:

“It is awesome and quite appropriate and like i said periodical appraisal of your performance should be a priority in order to keep you in check to be more proactive in all your services to maintain the number one insurance firm in the country that could be reckoned with.”
– Mfon Edet (2017)

“Nice and amiable staff who were ever ready to help. The response too was prompt and encouraging.”
– Aruna Jemilatu (2017)

“Honestly, I have not seen this type of excellent service in my entire life. I will keep sharing the experience. More cheers to FBNInsurance.”
– Okechi Onyekwululechi (2017)

“FBNInsurance has erased my notion that insurance does not work in Nigeria; it works! I am grateful to them. I will encourage more Nigerians to participate. ”
Igunmah Jeremiah (2017)

“I did not expect a prompt response. I also did not take the insurance scheme serious (because) I had a bad experience from a previous insurance body. After about 4 years, my entitlement contributions (from the previous company) are yet to be settled.”
– Rowland Nwibanaka (2017)

“We appreciate FBNInsurance for paying a claim of such an amount. It’s amazing! Keep it up to put a smile on the faces of your clients.” – Izuwa Eweka (2017)

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