Money Insurance


The policy covers loss/damage of money resulting from fortuitous events (which are usually described in the policy Schedule and includes money whilst in transit, on business premises during working hours or in securely locked safe outside working hours and in the Personal custody of designated officials of the insured company.

The policy has various extension clauses that may be added to enhance cover at little or no extra cost like – riot and strike extension and damage to safe extension clauses.

Premium rate is usually dependent on your exposure to loss from circumstances insured against and the amount of cash carried or kept in safe and the safety precautions taken to guard against loss.


  • Estimated amount of money to be carried within a given year.
  • The maximum amount of money you normally carry during a given transit.
  • The maximum cash-holding in safe during and after working hours as well as the make, type and value of the safes.
  • Maximum amount of money not in the safe(s) during working hours.

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