Health Insurance

Types of Insurance

Bupa Medical Insurance

Bupa medical scheme is a Health Care Insurance that covers medical treatments and expenses incurred by employees and their families. Bupa International is the largest international expatriate health care provider covering over 300 countries worldwide.

Some of their services include the following:

  1. Private medical services for families, individuals, small companies.
  2. Tailor made plans for Emergency and Non Emergency covers.
  3. Full Annual Health Screening by experienced and specialized   professionals.
  4. Healthcare for “In and/or Out patients” (abroad or in home setting).
  5. Quality accreditation for hospitals in Nigeria and abroad.
  6. Opportunity to use your choice hospital worldwide excluding USA
  7. Special USA medical plan.

OracleMed Emergency and Non-Emergency Health Insurance

These products provide for the cover of emergency and non-emergency hospital treatment including the in-patient hospital fees, Intensive Care Unit, Specialists, Physicians, Surgeons and all other relevant diagnostic tests, medication and treatment costs.

Emergency medical evacuation

  • 24 hour emergency assistance and support worldwide when travelling for extended periods on business or pleasure.
  • Emergency medical treatment.
  • Air-evacuation with medical treatment to nearest appropriate facility.
  • Accommodation and airfare for accompanying family members.
  • Return by commercial airline to country of residence.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains to the insured’s country of citizenship.

Non-emergency hospitalization

  • Full cover and range of benefits when you need to be admitted to hospital for medically necessary conditions
  • A leading commercial airline will transport you to the nearest appropriate facility
  • A case manager is assigned to each patient
  • Accommodation and airfare for accompanying family members
  • Return by commercial airline to country of residence

Other Product

Group Welfare Plan
This plan encourages regular savings and pays out a guaranteed sum to a named beneficiary in case of the passing of the life assured…

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