Driving Without Worries in Nigeria

Driving in Lagos can be such a chore. One thing that makes me laugh and concerned at the same time is the roadside arguments you can always bump into on Lagos roads. You could be stuck on a spot while driving for an hour, only to move forward and find out that it’s a “you don hit my car” kind of wahala. Imagine getting stuck in traffic for hours only to find out that the cause of the delay could have been squashed in 10 minutes.

When I drive by such scenes, I instantly hope that I would never be involved in such. But the truth is that it could be anyone. A lot of us work 8-5 jobs and it can be very exhausting. The stress of work coupled with that of driving in heavy traffic or even just long distances can make one hit the brake late. What about instances where you’re just unlucky to be on the road with a reckless driver?

As much as these things can happen to anyone, one thing I would never be involved in is the “shirt dragging”. It would never get to the point of having a driver assault me physically because I scratched their car. I also wouldn’t have to think too much about getting my car repaired in the case of a hit and run. I’ve seen so many scenarios while driving and I just feel totally covered because I have a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover.

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