Now That the Rains Are Here, What Should You Do?

Whenever I think about my childhood, it never makes complete sense to me. There are always holes in my memory. You know how they say pictures help to freeze time? Maybe if I had my childhood pictures, I would remember a lot more than I do now. Although, one memory remains as clear as crystal. It’s the one of my mother carrying my brother and me as high as she could while struggling to walk out of the water that had flooded our entire house.

Our fence had come crumbling down as a result of the rain and the erosion had headed straight to our house. We watched almost everything we had get destroyed by the water. Can you imagine how much easier it would have been to recover from such loss if we had Householders Insurance? The thing about natural disasters is that you can’t see them coming. We didn’t see it coming. If only we had a backup plan… Get a backup plan now so that you can get your life back when disaster strikes.

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